11 Best Yummy Sushi Rolls You Have To Try, Ranked

Sushi is probably the most famous Japanese food around the world. The word “sushi” is for Non-Japanese people is quite different. Some Non-Japanese People would think sushi is slices of raw fish alone, but that’s called Sashimi. The word sushi means it’s sour. So Sushi actually is vinegared rice topped with other ingredients.

Since Japan is an island. Such an insular position affect Japan’s all aspects including it’s food culture. Seafood and rice has always been popular costumed in Japan.   Let’s take a look of 11 different sushi rolls.

11. Cucumber Rolls

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Ins Koto Japanese Restaurant

Cucumber Sushi Roll, Cucumber rolls are called kappamaki in Japan. It’s one of the most simple and fresh sushi that easy to make, with just 3 kinds of ingredients, nori, vinegared rice and Cucumber. As there’s no fish included, this roll is great for vegetarian.