33+ Moving On Quotes To Help You Move On In Life Or Relationship

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Here are some of my thoughts:

1. Clear goals, get rewards

Why do many people become addicted to the game because the players they get feedback, rewards, a sense of accomplishment instantly, and a sense of pleasure. When you learning or working, you also need to cultivate a mechanism for timely rewards. For example, after an hour of learning, reward yourself for some favorite snacks. For each day of the task, reward yourself with a piece of movie.

2. Learn more about your own inner depths

Get to know the benefits of completing this matter, and imagine the pain if you can’t make it. You need to write down these benefits and pain, and constantly let yourself imagine that pain can push you forward, and that you can take the initiative to move quickly.

3. Great sense of mission, ambitious goals

If you are a superman, your dream is to save the world, do you care about getting hit by some people? Would you carelessly fall at the corner of the street? Some unhappy little things in life tend to vanish because of the great sense of mission and the lofty goals.

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