35+ Top Pumpkin Carving Ideas For Halloween


Materials and tools needed:

1. A pumpkin

2. A short knife

3. A table spoon

4. A candle

5. A pen that can paint on a pumpkin



First of all, we need to use a short knife to open a hole on top of pumpkin, be careful not to hurt yourself



Step 2: Use the large spoon to dig out the stuffing of the pumpkin, don’t throw it directly, you may use it to make a snack!

Step 3: then use a pen to draw the pumpkin you want to carve. It’s time to test your creativity and skills.



Step 4: Use a short knife to dig the skin along the line drawn. This part should be especially careful and careful!

Step 5: Put in the candle and ignite, your pumpkin light will be finished! !