35 Wedding Table Decorations Ideas With Layout Tips To Inspire You

1. Wedding banquet table layout skills – flower decoration

When choosing tall table flowers (tall large table flowers), be careful that their height does not block the view of the guests, and the bottom of the bottle is designed to be small, so there is no need to remove them when serving. And square cup table flower (namely short table flower) also should be careful not to block the sight of guests. Normally 8 ~ the advocate desk about 10 people, roughly every 2 people need to put flower of desk of cup of a square, whole piece advocate desk puts 2 tall cup desk flower can.


2. Wedding banquet table layout skills – color

If your wedding chooses bright and colorful and bouncing color, so the proposal might as well try to use the same color and flowery table flower to decorate wedding banquet. The wedding above whole is with colored yellow to be main adornment color, wedding banquet table undertakes decorating with colored flower likewise, with color bold and powerful, pretty highlighted happy and cheerful wedding theme.


3. Wedding banquet table layout skills – candles

A sterling silver candlestick is placed in the center of the table. The long, tapered, slow-burning candle is perfect.



Photo Credit To Ins thunderandlove