36+ Natural Color Nail Art Designs 2019 Summer

When summer comes, it’s time to show off your beautiful hands. Beautiful nail is a way to show off the charm of your hands. What colors do you look for in summer? Here are some natural pure nail colors for you to copy, I hope you like it!

Transparent nails that look fresh and simple are perfect for hot summer. A touch of clarity and simplicity can soothe the feeling of hot summer. Too much color in the summer can be a bit cumbersome and boring, transparent sense of nail to create your summer small fresh.

Summer suits the nail that contracted nature money most, match colors, design pursues simple and natural, the color is lighter more cool and refreshing, come with a clear and transparent color to save summer be agitated, that is clear, contracted match colors looks more comfortable, cannot block pure and fresh summer breath.


Crystal Painting Series

1. Crystal peach nail

Photo Credit To Ins oioioio


Photo Credit To Ins oioioio