40+ Must Have Wedding Photo Ideas


Before take photos on wedding, if you don’t have much experiences, you will feel a little overwhelmed, because you don’t know what kind of photos you should take. This article will tell you what photo you have to take on a wedding!

1. Wedding ring

When the bride focus on making up, the photography have to set aside some time to take some scenes. There are a few important things in it. The wedding ring is one of the first elements. If you have a macro lens when shooting a wedding ring, it is best because you can take the details of the ring. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t matter. Like a sample, with some suitable scenes, you can also shoot the ring without taking details.



2. Wedding dresses

Wedding dresses are more important for the bride, because this may be the clothes they will only wear once in their lifetime, and it is still in such a sacred romantic wedding scene, so it is absolutely necessary for us to take a good-looking photo of the wedding dress. Wedding dresses are a more traditional way of shooting. The scene of hanging wedding dresses should be chosen according to the scene environment.



3. Wedding shoes

Maybe many of my friends don’t understand why they want to take photos of wedding shoes at the wedding. If you have attended a wedding, you know that not only do photographers need to take photos of wedding shoes, but also a special one that is built around wedding shoes. The game is to find shoes and find shoes. Therefore, everyone should also know the importance of wedding shoes. For the bride’s family, when the dressed bride wears wedding shoes and walks out of the house, it means that the daughter of this family is married, so this pair of wedding shoes is accompanied by all People’s blessings and thoughts. The regular method of wedding shoes can be placed on the bed, or hanging on the table lamp. If you want to have your own creativity, just take the shoes and try them somewhere else you haven’t taken.



4. Bride and father

Before the ceremony, the bride will be with her father, because the father will hand over the bride to the groom, and the relationship between the father and the daughter is easy to reveal naturally. Some emotions will be more intense.

5. The bride and groom walked hand in hand to the stage

The official stage of the ceremony, this time with the fastest response to continuous shooting, because this short short way is also they walked hand in hand The first paragraph is very commemorative.