50+ Amazing Christmas Nail Design Ideas To Copy Right Now 2019




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The weather is getting colder, Christmas is coming soon… Many people are ready for their Christmas decorations. Please take some time to enjoy this holiday! Compared with previous years, 50+ nail designs that you should not miss this year!

1. Lovely Santa

There is a white band on the red nails that makes your nails turn into Santa’s belly. The right amount of gold powder makes this design elegant and festive.

2. Christmas tree

A classic red coat with some gold or green dots, or like the Christmas tree in the picture below. Plus the golden stars are even more perfect!





3. Candy bars

Those striped red and white lollipops are simply symbols of Christmas, but sometimes we forget this simple classic design.

4. Traditional Christmas costumes

Red is the best holiday basic color you can choose. Well, classic nail design is also the reason.

5. Christmas tree

Such a unique look will definitely shock everyone in this Christmas! The green and white Christmas tree is so classic, elegant and simple to highlight this holiday.

6. Christmas gift

It’s not just the candy cane design that is perfect. The nail design was added to the metal jewelry. . Simple red nails are dressed up with some silver foil strips, and bow accents are another way to add a metallic feel.





7. Emeralds

Normally, you will add some fluorescent power to your nails, but this design adds the fluorescent power to the bottom. It’s like a striped nail, but it looks great!

8. Cute reindeer

White background, you can make any Christmas manicure design.


Photo Credit To nailsbya.7