50+ Stunning Nail Art Designs To Try 2020


Do you already look forward to your new year, should you also choose a temperament style of nails for yourself? Start changing from nails. Different nails bring different feelings to yourself. Let your image change again in the new year. These nails will be popular in 2020. Warm reddish brown is the best choice for autumn and winter. Of course, the new year should be more festive, and white and temperamental. The index finger is added with a gold foil gradient, BlingBling feels full of girlishness, and the ring finger of the left hand jumps a water ripple.






Although the magic mirror powder selected is relatively easy to fade, the water ripple immediately appears vibrant, not monotonous, and the right finger ring jumps. With wavelet point, it is super cute, coquettish and temperament coexist. The maple leaf caramel color in autumn and winter is also a beautiful race fairy, very high-level and white, but also with charming autumn and winter colors, embellished with candy-colored cellophane fragments, so that the warm caramel nail pair adds some transparency, and in different Under the lights, there will be different polarized colors.



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