50+ Top Creative DIY Wedding Ideas



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In addition to the wedding dress bouquets of newcomers, more and more people pay more attention to the creation of the overall atmosphere of the wedding. Or you can hand over to the professional wedding company, adding your own DIY layout. Many brides have the dream of creating their own weddings, quickly take some notes to see the DIY ideas of the wedding!

1.Fun drinking cooler

A fun drinking cooler will add a lot of fun to the wedding! You can use a variety of fun and creative containers, put in ice cubes, and put a variety of drinks you like, and it’s very easy to make! Really worth a try!





2.Wedding Photo Display

The photo can also be a venue design element with both meaning and creativity! It is a good way to share the story of a newcomer with the guests by decorating the venue with photos or designing exquisite weddings. In addition to wedding photos, many creative newcomers also use photographs to commemorate or honor the most important relatives in their lives, or to share the sweet little story of their relationship.

3.Wedding Candy Bar

Candy Bar is definitely the best props for wedding scenes. It is suitable for all ages, good price control and variety. Then according to the theme of the site layout, choose the packaging color of the container and candy, and you can immediately upgrade the wedding.





4.Wedding Kids table

Properly arrange children’s activity areas Arrange a place at the corner of your wedding venue as a children’s activity area, put some small toys, small books, and arrange a “children’s head” to lead the children to play if conditions permit. In the long hours of wedding banquets, the naughty children will not stay in the seats all the time, and need to go in and out of the bathroom or outdoor space frequently. Therefore, the seats of the children should be as close as possible to the exit, which is convenient for entering and leaving.

5.DIY Sparklers

If your wedding is a night out ceremony, bring sparklers to your wedding. The light of the sparklers shines around the newcomer, that is beautiful. The fairy stick is simply the magic weapon to create romance. Everyone will have a good time~



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