60+ Best Natural Fall Nail Art Ideas To Try This Year



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For the nail art in autumn and winter, it is better to choose “Maple Leaf Color”! From wine red, bright red to warm caramel color, not only white, gentle and temperament, the whole fingertips are full of autumn! The girl who wants to change nails in different season, you have to read on to see what are the super charming autumn series nails!



Elegant golden color

The golden color is used elegantly and tastefully. Nail is decorated with a touch of gold on the bright maple leaf color. The perfect finishing touch is to really bring the goddess to the fingertips.




Maple leaf painting

Autumn theme manicure, the natural beauty of maple leaf elements! The small and lovely leaves are very eye-catching at the fingertips, and the golden edge of the upper finger is so beautiful, it is too beautiful and romantic!

Gradual smudge

Gradient rendering of the finger color is the favorite style of this series! A layered effect that retains a sense of clear air and is not too exaggerated. It exudes an elegant femininity and is very eye-catching.




Gold foil X sequins

The glare of the sequins is on the fingertips, and the fairy is full! With maple red as the base color, with sparkling gold foil embellishment, this cool cool early autumn is to make your slim fingers shine!



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