60+ Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas For Work/College


Noon is usually the busiest time of the day, but lunch also requires a balanced diet to keep up the day of hard work and study. I hope that these lunch matching schemes will give you some inspirations. Vegetables are recommended to eat more dark vegetables,



which are rich in vitamins, and the nutritional value is relatively high. Such as spinach, broccoli, green pepper, green beans, etc. are cheap and nutritious choices. In addition, each person’s daily nutrition requires about 3 servings of vegetables, one serving is 100 grams,



and the serving size is about 2/3 bowls. In addition, protein is also one of the important nutrients. Beans or a piece of meat can be used, but try not to fry. Steamed, boiled or marinated are the more healthy ways of cooking.Such a balanced and simple lunch is not only balanced, low in calories and healthy, but you can try it out if you want to save money and lose weight.




Spaghetti + Cucumber + Red Onion + Tomato + Pepper + Ham

Dark chocolate + cashew

Kiwifruit + Blueberry


Celery + radish + bell pepper + broccoli

Dry food biscuits

Dried Fruit (Mango / Yellow Pear / Blueberry) + Dark Chocolate


Pumpkin puree + curry + brown rice

dark chocolate

Cauliflower + radish + tomato

Red and green grapes