62 Lovely And Delicious Christmas Cookies Designs

Many families are used to baking cookies together before Christmas. The quick and easy way is to use a cookie mold. With these molds, you can easily make cookies from hearts, moons and stars, fir trees or various animal images. A layer of egg yolk is applied to the surface before baking, and the baked biscuits are both delicious and beautiful.


Exotic spices such as star anise, cardamom, nutmeg, vanilla or cinnamon make Christmas cookies so distinctive. If you like cinnamon-flavored star biscuits, be sure to use Ceylon Cinnamon. Although the price is a bit expensive, the harmful coumarin content is not much.


Jam biscuits are also one of the most consumed desserts during Christmas. In different regions, the names and practices of biscuits vary. Some biscuits add nuts, and some add almond cream. A variety of jams can be placed in the middle of the biscuits.


Snowflake cookies
The loose snowflake biscuits mainly use coconut and lather protein as raw materials. This small biscuit originated from the medieval monastery kitchen. Later, it gradually became an essential sweet food on the German table coffee table during Christmas.


Photo Credit To Ins sweetartcookieco