Top 16 Wedding Table Setting Designs With Table Setting Tips

Wedding is the most important thing for wedding couple, every wedding layout details should be carefully built, let’s take a look at western wedding banquet table layout small tips.

The tableware of formal western-style wedding chooses well-made silverware normally.

1. The horizontal distance between the table edge and the tableware is the width of the ruler.

2. The center of the plate should be aligned with the ruler of the zero scale line, based on this to put other tableware.

3. Each tableware should be arranged in accordance with the order of the menu.

4. The center distance between each cutlery is 1. 5cm.

5. Glasses should be placed on the upper right side of the plate, in accordance with the order of drinking. The specific order of placement is as follows, from left to right in order: water glass, red glass, champagne glass, white wine glass. The cutlery is on the right side of the plate.



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