Top 6 Szechuan’s Most Famous Cuisine You Should Order, Ranked

Szechuan Style out stands in Chinese Cuisine for spicy and pungency, and is internationally famous and widely accepted throughout the world. Its characteristics are home-cooked dishes, cheap price, most Szechuan dishes are spicy and with an innovative. Chili, pepper, Chinese prickly ash and ginger are most frequently used condiments. So Sichuan Cuisine styled food tastes hot, tongue-numbing, sour and delicious.

I would like to introduce and rank six of the most typical Szechuan dishes to you. If you go to Szechuan restaurant next time, I believe you know what dishes you should order.


6. Shredded Pork With Fish Flavor

Shredded pork with fish flavor is a common Szechuan dish. Fish flavor is one of the main traditional flavors of Szechuan cuisine. The dish has a fishy flavor, which is prepared from condiments. This method source from Szechuan folk unique cooking fish seasoning method, now has been widely used in Szechuan taste cooked vegetables.

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